A provider of Personal Protection Ecosystem focused training, to clients ranging from large corporates, government bodies, Law Enforcement and Security to the man, woman and family, protecting themselves in the street.

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With a deep understanding of the human body and mind, STREETSMART provide a total personal protection solution for everyone. STREETSMART courses have been developed based on over 25 years of Martial Arts and Combatives knowledge and over 10 years collective and operational experience of thousands of Armed Security and Law Enforcement Officers throughout South Africa. All of the most common and most likely situations that have been encountered have been collated and catered for in this comprehensive program.



Saturdays 9am-10am

Cost: R450 per month


Our Courses

STREETSMART has a wide range of courses geared from individuals to companies and organisations with specific self protection needs for their employees. We have conducted training for South African National Parks Anti-Poaching teams, World bank staff operating in hostile environments, national security companies and Police forces. Our programs have been reviewed by people from US Government departments to Special Ops Police force Units. All of them saying that our programs are world class and they wish they had received the same training.

Choose Someone Else

Our Choose Someone Else course is laying the foundation of your Personal Protection Universe. Setting the basics in place and putting the plan together that will

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This is the only program of it’s kind designed specifically for the Law Enforcement and Security environment, giving officers the skill and knowledge to control

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A knife as always been and most likely will always be one of the most highly effective, easiest to use and easiest to conceal weapons.

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Protecting your Weapon

It’s all very well to carry a firearm, knife or any other weapon for that matter. However, what happens when the attack an ambush (comes

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Instructor Certification

Our Instructor Course is run yearly for people wishing to be able to teach the STREETSMART Syllabus at their own school or location and assist

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StreetSmart Women

Our Street Smart Women Seminar facilitates discussion on security awareness focusing on incidents as they affect women including topics like Travel Security, Street Harassment, Domestic

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South Africa has one of the highest hijacking rates in the world and at STREETSMART we train those who are highjacked probably more than any

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Our Personal Protection Ecology course takes the learning of self defense, self protection, personal protection or what-ever name you want to put on it from

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James Smart
James Smart
Owner & Head Instructor

James was born in the UK training in Martial arts from an early age, spending a brief time in the British Army and working as

James Smart

Garth is a retired Badged South African Army Special Forces Operator and Instructor. Garth has been an Instructor to Special Forces units, other Army units,

Bev Roach
Bev Roach

Bev Roach is a dual Canadian/UK citizen who served in the Canadian Army for 21 years followed by a career in high risk security. During 15

Bev Roach
SAPS Special Task Force
Brigadier Ret

Brigadier Ret, SAPS Special Task Force, recently reviewed the STREETSMART programs. By the end of 4 days training he confirmed that “there is nothing to add to this program. The quality of teaching, techniques, skills and knowledge given, covers everything that is needed for a civilian, in fact, I would have been happy to teach this to my Units”. 

Major Anti-Poaching Charity

Through our success training Security personnel, STREETSMART became involved with training Anti Poaching Rangers. We have had huge success providing rangers with the skill set to stay safe, make good decisions and make safe arrests of poachers. A major Anti Poaching Charity said “With increasing aggression from poaching gangs, we need to invest in various kinds of ranger training. James’s excellent course will be a focus of ours next year.”

Independent US Government Consultant
Head of Tactical

STREETSMART programs were reviewed by Head Of Tactical and an independent US Government Consultant for one for the worlds leading security companies. After the review the conclusion was the programs are as good as any available at an international level and were highly recommended to be rolled out to all Security Staff in South Africa.

Independent US Government Consultant
Vice President

VP for the same global company after reviewing the programs said “these programs should be made an integral part of our training for all South African Staff in not all staff globally.” he also said “I will personally ensure that we as a company drive this until  this program makes up part of the very fabric of our company policy”. Since then proposals and plans have been put in place to train trainers to meet this objective.

World Bank
Head of Security, Kabul

James Smart recently brought Street Smart Combatives to Kabul, Afghanistan where my organisation had him teach the program to staff – national and international, male and female. Street Smart Combatives is a simple introduction to self defence that allows the participants to develop confidence, learn enough basic skills to assist avoiding or responding to a criminal attack on the street, and to put those basic movements together in a realistic scenario. The program itself is outstanding, but complemented by the excellent instructional technique and years of martial arts experience of James Smart. This program is highly recommended.

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