About us

With a deep understanding of the human body and mind, STREETSMART provide a total personal protection solution for everyone.

STREETSMART courses have been developed based on over 25 years of Martial Arts and Combatives knowledge and over 10 years collective and operational experience of thousands of Armed Security and Law Enforcement Officers throughout South Africa. All of the most common and most likely situations that have been encountered have been collated and catered for in this comprehensive program.

What makes STREETSMART Different?

Firstly, our training is designed to make you safer and help you evade or escape a fight / criminal attack situation first and foremost.

What STREETSMART it is not designed to do is make you feel good and teach you complex techniques that are highly unlikely to help you stay alive.

Secondly, we will give you a plan, a process to follow in the event of a criminal interaction and contingency for the ‘most likely’ and “likely” events in such a criminal attack scenario.

In summary, we will give you the most effective and direct route to protecting yourself and your loved ones.