Bev Roach

Bev Roach is a dual Canadian/UK citizen who served in the Canadian Army for 21 years followed by a career in high risk security. During 15 years of living in diverse conflict zones including such places as Darfur, Ivory Coast, Haiti, Afghanistan, Pakistan and others. Bev worked in security operations, and as senior security management covering everything from day to day security management, training, policy development, and management of multi-million dollar security subcontracts. Bev has been at the forefront of broader roles for women and participated in the Canadian Army trial for women in non-traditional roles in the then West Germany. She has overseen major security projects helping to develop appropriate measures from the design phase of new facilities. She also carried out immediate response in the face of devastating attacks. Bev has lived in 8 countries and travelled to 73 countries. Bev has masters’ degrees in both Security Management and her other passion, Sports Management. She also has a certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. She started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at 52. She is now a certified self defence instructor and teaches various tailored security programs.

Bev has delivered training programs including self defence elements in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, India, Kenya, Thailand, France, and most recently Philippines. She also volunteers to provide introductory self-defence seminars to women living in at risk environments.

Bev’s broad background in security management combined with her martial arts instructional experience provide a unique perspective to her self defence instruction, given that it focuses on prevention before response. Bev was awarded the Certified Protection Professional certification from the American Society of Industrial Security in 2008 and still maintains that certification.