Garth is a retired Badged South African Army Special Forces Operator and Instructor.

Garth has been an Instructor to Special Forces units, other Army units, and Chief instructor to all statutory and non-statutory integrated Special Forces members in South Africa. He has instructed Advanced Handgun, Offensive and Defensive Handgun, Shotgun and Rifle. This included and was not limited to Close Quarter Battle Techniques and Urban Warfare.

Garth has also trained private, commercial, NGO and Government groups in South Africa, Rwanda, Ghana, South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Iraq, Kurdistan and The Republic of Ireland.

Some examples of the types of training he has presented in these countries are:-

•  HEAT – Hostile Environment Awareness Training

•  Street survival/ Self Defense

•  Various Law Enforcement and Police Units

•  Facility Protection inc Mines, Oil and Gas facilities,  Armed Guard Force and QRF (Quick Reaction Forces)

•  PSD – Personal/Protective Security Details

•  CPO – Close Protection Officers/Details

•  Anti Poaching

•  Military/Tactical training for TV series and movies