Protecting your Weapon

It’s all very well to carry a firearm, knife or any other weapon for that matter. However, what happens when the attack an ambush (comes out of no-where) and you now have to fight to protect your weapon in order to bring it into the fight. Pistol disarms are becoming ever more common in the Security and law enforcement world and will no doubt spill into the civilian world very soon. Being able to protect your weapon and get it into the fight are essential skills for any weapon carrier. You should have a default response to any weapon grab holstered or unholstered and have a plan for how you are going to fight to retain control and bring the weapon into use. In our 1 day course we will run through technique’s and strategies firstly for drawing a weapon to minimize the potential for weapon grabs and then expand into laying a default response and plan for retaining and utilising your weapon in the midst of the fight.