James Smart

James was born in the UK training in Martial arts from an early age, spending a brief time in the British Army and working as a Doorman for many years in Cardiff, Whales.

James trained in Karate, Traditional Jiu Jitsu finally gaining his Black Belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu from the world renown Gracie Family – the first of its kind awarded outside of the Americas. He has instructed Law Enforcement, Military, security personnel and civilians for over 10 years throughout Africa, the USA and Afghanistan in combatives, weapon defense and retention, control and arrest and emergency medical care.

He is internationally certified Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) Instructor outside of Law Enforcement and Military ranks, and is the founder of the STREETSMART Personal Protection and awareness programs, which he has delivered to ADT Security, South African Government Anti-poaching teams, the World Bank Group, and multiple Police teams. His programs have been commended by independent auditors and consultants representing large multi—national organisations, US Federal organisations and he has personally assisted Gracie Jiu Jitsu founding members Rener and Ryron Gracie in teaching the GST program to US Law Enforcement departments. He is also a qualified personal protection specialist and medical care instructor.

The STREETSMART Defensive tactics course was recently reviewed by a Senior retired SAPS Officer who stated that he did not see the need to add or take away from this comprehensive program and that he wished this program had been available when he was creating and leading his specialised unit.

James’ mix of corporate and martial arts instruction experience is evident in his ability to forge strong relationships, build capacity and lead, within a strategic mindset. He is a registered protection specialist with the American Society of Industrial Security.